Premiumize VPN Service

VPN service

It is time to talk about our VPN service. We introduced this feature a couple of years ago and its popularity amongst our customers is growing. However, we have only taken the time to explain its advantages to people that actually contacted us. We want to make this information public now.

No IP logs!

By running a VPN, there are many data accumulating from our users. We keep the absolute minimum of logs to preserve the privacy of our customers. There aren’t any log files which would us allow to match an IP address and time stamp of any user to our VPN service. We use shared IPs which increase the anonymity level because multiple users are using the same address at the same time. The only data we keep is the amount (e.g. 1.2GB) of traffic our users consume. This data is also visible for you in your fair-use overview.

Our company is not located in the USA nor in the EU

There are many advantages of locating a business outside the EU and USA. The biggest one is definitely, that we cannot be compelled to spy on our users. In our case, the Central American country Belize does not stipulate mandatory logging of customer information.

Fast connection

We always try hard to deliver fast VPN speeds for our users and mostly run dedicated root servers with a 1Gbps connection. For the best performance and low latencies, you should use a VPN server which is located near to you. For this purpose we are running 27 servers in different countries.

Geo Unblocking

Some services on the internet can only be used in certain countries. In order to circumvent these restrictions, you can use our VPN servers. The website, you are accessing via VPN,  will assume that your location is the one from the connected VPN server.

State of the art VPN protocols

OpenVPNYou can choose between PPTP which provides more speed and OpenVPN which is more secure. OpenVPN is considered as one of the safest protocols on the market. We actually work on our infrastructure to provide you with even more protocols: SoftEther and IP2SEC are being prepared for you and will be released within the next weeks.



3394€ go to cancer research in Hamburg

Our donation for Childen Cancer rally during last Christmas was a big success! We are very proud to announce that we collected 3394€ together for the “Kinderkrebs-Zentrum Hamburg

The funds will be used for research and treatment of children who suffer from cancer.

The institution confirmed the donations in this PDF and thanked the whole Premiumize community.


How to pay with Sofort Banking, Giropay and others

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Why we pick jDownloader 2 over Internet Download Manager

A long time ago IDM was the gold standard among download managers. In fact it is so popular that many of our users still use it. However in 2016 IDM is starting to look a bit dated. There are a few things that could work a lot better if you switch to jD2.

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Basic guide to using a VPN

By now we know that offers a whole bunch of services. There are multiple VPN Server destinations are available to our premium members. Let’s take a better look.

What is a VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a method used to add security and privacy to your Internet Connection.

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Let’s start a Blog has been around since June 9 2011. Coincidentally that is also the birthdate of our head admin— but we do not want to get sidetracked right there in the very first post ever.

Let’s talk a little bit about history.

Many years ago started out as a Downloader for Filehosts. It saved the hassle of getting individual premium memberships for filehosts — aggregating premium memberships into one single service. Hence our name: “to premiumize” — to make premium

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