3394€ go to cancer research in Hamburg

Our donation for Childen Cancer rally during last Christmas was a big success! We are very proud to announce that we collected 3394€ together for the “Kinderkrebs-Zentrum Hamburg

The funds will be used for research and treatment of children who suffer from cancer.

The institution confirmed the donations in this PDF and thanked the whole Premiumize community.


Get Usenet Downloads sent to your Cloud

Life just got a little bit better for everyone at Premiumize.me – we just released a new, long awaited feature for our Cloud Downloader:

You can now transfer any Usenet Download directly into your Cloud – right there from your browser and without installing new software!

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VoIP Feature: No longer a Beta Test

A couple months ago we wrote a Blogpost about our VoIP Feature. Read up on it here if you have no clue what we are talking about.

Unusual behaviour

Just last month we noticed a lot of usage on our VoIP system. It really seems like everybody was calling everyone – all the time. We were surprised but happy. Holiday season definitely came early. But…

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Hidden Feature: Worldwide VoIP Calls

About a year ago we started to include Voice over IP calls with a premium membership. We still call it Beta but it already works really well.

This comes really handy when traveling or simply having to call international numbers. Our team constantly uses it to call our Asian and American datacenters and colleagues.

Haven’t heard about this yet? You are not alone! Here is what you need to know:

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How to pay with Sofort Banking, Giropay and others

You might have noticed that we are currently not able to receive payments by Sofort Banking (Sofortüberweisung). We are working hard to bring this payment method back as soon as possible but until that we want to show how you can pay even so by this method. Continue reading “How to pay with Sofort Banking, Giropay and others”