VoIP Feature: No longer a Beta Test

A couple months ago we wrote a Blogpost about our VoIP Feature. Read up on it here if you have no clue what we are talking about.

Unusual behaviour

Just last month we noticed a lot of usage on our VoIP system. It really seems like everybody was calling everyone – all the time. We were surprised but happy. Holiday season definitely came early. But…

Unfortunately it wasn’t just regular usage. A few people were using the VoIP feature to call high priced pay hotlines, purchase ringtones and other stuff. We didn’t even know that ringtones are a still a thing. Apparently they are – in Bangladesh, Nepal and Mauritania.

The point is, our free VoIP Beta was getting abused and used for something we really did not intend. We had to find a solution.

The solution

It took a while to work around some technical limitations of our VoIP partner but we finally integrated the VoIP feature into our Fair Use System.

  1. Your balance starts with 10€ when you create your VoIP Login data. This does not use any Fair Use points and is the maximum amount you can use in any one call.
  2. The price of the call in cents equals the Fair Use points. So, a call worth 1.10€ will deduct 110 points from your Fair Use Balance.
  3. After every call we trigger a fair use charge to top up your VoIP balance back to 10€. The top up only happens if more than 1€ has been consumed from your VoIP balance, e.g. your balance drops below 9€.

Of course, if you you do not use VoIP, nothing will be deducted and there is no change in Fair Use for you.

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  1. Seems to be a fair system for Voip included in this excellent system which combines so many things for us. As it works very well after have used it for a month in beta now I will be using it in the future as well

  2. I love the VoIP service, but for some weeks it has not been working for me? Anyone else has the same problem?

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