Meet our Telegram Bot to access your Cloud

This tutorial might be outdated or for an older version. Please check our plugin section for latest instructions.

You can now use our Telegram Bot @PremiumizeCloudBot to access your Premiumize Cloud. You can download, stream and manage your torrents directly through the Telegram messenger.

Browse, Add, Download or Stream

With a series of simple commands it’s easy to browse your personal cloud space as well as paste new magnets to it. They can then be downloaded and streamed with a simple click.

Directly from the Cloud

If you start a download or stream, the files are coming directly from the servers.

No Logs

In case you are wondering, the Bot does not keep any logs. Once you delete your file in the cloud, it is gone.

Feedback welcome

Please leave a comment if you run into any issues or have ideas on how to improve the bot.

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    • Hi! You can post any magnet link or link to a .torrent file to it and it will grab it and put it to your personal cloud – which can then be browsed with the Bot

  1. Thanks a lot – nice message. But only “With a series of simple commands it’s easy..” ??
    I think you make it easy – but not for me.. I dont know only ONE of this easy commands.. is anybody here whith shinings?
    So sorry for this english. But i dont tell you its easy;-)

    • Hi! Well, the only real command you need to know is the /start 🙂 All the other commands will be send by the bot automatically if you click the function buttons!

  2. Hi

    I noticed that presently only torrent and magnet links are being accepted by the bot. Is it possible to also include filehost links which can then be added to my files section in the website? That would be very helpful if it is included in the bot too. Your bot idea is awesome.


    • Hi! For now it is only torrent and magnet, yes. Someday in the future it will also support filehost links – even though there are already good downloaders out there. For example, check out the “sharedownloader” for android

  3. Is the bot broken? I can add links, but I can no longer get a status on my files or active transfers. When I click those the bot starts typing but doesn’t sen me anything.

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