Fair Use and Boosters

We offer a wide range of services and one premium membership enables your access to every single feature.

Unfortunately aggregating premium services and maintaining the necessary infrastructure costs a lot of money.

We think we found a sustainable and flexible mixture by implementing our Fair Use System.

What is the Fair Use System?

In essence it is really quite simple. We assign points to your past usage. In most cases 1 GB of usage equals 1 point.

This means that you can either download or store data in the cloud, use our stream function or connect to our VPN. 1 GB equals 1 point.

A premium membership gives you 1000 points. From this balance we deduct your usage of the last 30 days. Many members never run into any limitations and the whole Fair Use is, if anything, a confusion.

You can check your point usage in your account interface. It will looks something like this:

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 22.20.06

That said, sometimes we have to limit the available quota.

How do we limit services?

We already said that 1 GB of traffic equals 1 point almost every time. When it doesn’t it is because we assigned a factor to the service.

So, as an example: You download 100 GB from the Usenet. As you can see in linked table it has a factor of 2. In that case we would deduct 200 points from your Fair Use level. So even though we had to put in this limitation your 1000 points still allow for about 500 GB of files per month.

Lastly, some hosts have an additional daily limit – which is exactly that. We use it to keep some users from ruining it for everyone by binging away all the available traffic.

This usually happens if the external service is especially tricky and hence expensive to offer. We opted to limiting usage instead of not being able to offer the service in the first place.

When does a limit kick in and what can you do about it?

If you used more than 1000 point in the last 30 days you have three options:

  1. Add more points by purchasing one or more Booster Packages. Each Booster Package give you 1000 additional points for the next 30 days. They activate automatically when you hit your point limit.
  2. Purchase any premium membership. This will not only reset your Fair Use history but obviously also add additional premium days to your account.
  3. Simply wait! We only block you if you used more than 1000 points in the last 30 days. We look at your point usage history and do the math several times a day. Once it drops below 1000 points you are good to go again.

PS: Make sure to comment. I will edit this post as long as necessary to clear up any possible misunderstandings.

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