How to create a badass Support Ticket

Sometimes we receive angry messages. It is not only the tone, that can be upsetting. We simply cannot act fast if a single sentence is the whole error description.

Make sure to include some of the following information. If you open your ticket using our helpdesk you will be asked for these information before your submit your ticket.

  1. Mention your customer-id
  2. Let us know which download manager / browser / plugin you are using
  3. Include a sample link and its error message
  4. Describe how the error occured
  5. If it happened in the past, include some kind of time reference
  6. If it is a speed problem, please include your location and ISP in the ticket

Maybe something like this:

Dear Premiumize Team! I am using the latest jDownloader version and I tried to download the link “”.  All it shows me is “error2”. The file is definitely still online. Lots of love from Canada! P.S. my customer-id is 536912678.

A significant part of our day is spent helping members. Please help us by supplying as much information to the ticket as you can. It will make it much easier and greatly reduce turnaround time.

If you have more than one problem (e.g. usenet and vpn problems), please open two tickets because there are might be different staff members responsible for your problems.

We always try to answer your ticket as soon as possible but sometime we have to route your ticket to another staff member (e.g. for some technical related tickets) or have to try to reproduce your problem, etc. This takes time but be sure we are working on your request even we do not write all the time to you. So please do not open new tickets, it just takes time. If you have any addional information you can always reply to your existing ticket on or reply to the ticket confirmation mail.

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