Enjoy 1 TB dedicated TB cloud space – latest Fair Use and Booster changes

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As promised, we are rolling out more changes. We believe, this will make it more simple.. Let’s go over the changes step by step:

New: 1 TB dedicated cloud space for everyone

Every premium membership now includes 1000 GB dedicated storage. Used space does not count towards fair-use anymore and does not block points anymore.

New: Daily Quota Refill

Your Fair Use quota will be topped up daily now.
Your premium membership starts out with the full 1000 point balance and every day at midnight UTC 30 points will be added to your account.
This means the Fair Use status is no longer calculated based on your 30 day point history.

New: Improved Booster Logic

While the majority of users never run into any limits, we do have some heavy users.
Heavy users can add Booster points to their account to increase their storage and download quota.
Downloading or storing more than 1000 GB will simply deduct from your booster balance. Storing files over the 1 TB will deduct 1/30th point per Gigabyte per day.

Any Questions?

The changes are live right now. Please do not be confused if some descriptions of the website are outdated. We will adapt the website and faq over the next few days.

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  1. So now I’m only getting 90% of what I paid for? 30 points times 30 days this month equals 900 points.

    • As I understood you have 1000 points in your account you can spend and every night 30 of your spent points “regenerate”. But if you hit 1000 they do not surpass this threshold.

  2. What happens if i run out this 1000 points on my premium account? I will only have those 30 points per day at the midnight ? Thanks

    • Yes, you get 30 points every day up to a max. balance of 1000 points. With every premium purchase we will top up your balance to 1000 points.

      • So, the fact that i bought premium for 2 years doesn’t matter anymore i think if i consume all the 1000 points let’s say in 2 days, right ? I will only remain with those 30 points every day for the remain almost 2 years ?

  3. Still need more points, with the rise of 4k movies and 4k tv shows, 1000 points are just not enough anymore. Please increase the monthly points to atleast 1500 or so.

  4. Actually works out better for me. Much appreciated! As for the leeches you should track them down and ban them for shits and giggles.. especially that none person who posted on jun 1. What a knob.

  5. this is all too confusing to me.. i just need to download a ton of stuff and don’t care about the cloud storage. i think i liked the idea of getting all your fair use points back once you remove the files? i have no idea how any of this works, but 1tb is easy to burn through in about 2 days. not sure a booster package is even worth it.. wouldn’t it be better to just use that money buying a 2nd account?

    • You misunderstood the old system. The new system is easier as it doesn’t need any point management regarding storage. It is simply no longer part of your quota calculation.

      Most users get to stream 1000 GB worth of files per month now (with a daily topup of 30 points). We backtested it and we have almost no user ever reaching it. The limits are just there to fight against the most blatant of account sharers.

      You can get 1000 additional points for just 9.99 EUR by buying a booster package or 12.0000 points for only 69.99 EUR.

  6. Let’s see how long jDownloader guys will need to update plugins. Right no download is possible.

  7. Some communication to the users that these changes would come, would be better.
    By example: I did increase my cloud in the past 30 days to almost 4000 Gb. In the past I wouldn’t have to pay extra for the 3000 Gb, only for the download. Now you have to pay 1/30 point per GB a day for the extra 3000 Gb. That’s 36500 points a year. That 210 euro a year.

    • I did just decrease my cloud space < 1000 Gb. No problem for me. But your communication to the "big users", like me should be better.

    • Yes, additional storage over the 1 TB will deduct 1/30 booster point per day. The old system however also needed the same upgrades, but booster points would only be activated in 30day+ 1000point increments. The new system is a lot easier to manage and more forgiving to short-term usage bursts while making the longer time usage cheaper.

  8. The downloaded data is still counted wrong, even if I just download 1MB of an 1GB file the full 1GB is accounted and if I restart the download another 1GB is accounted.
    This behaviour occurs now since a while, that wasn’t the case longer time ago, why is it no longer caluculated properly?

  9. Robert, why are we being charged points for data we are not accessing? If we watch 10% of a 10gb file, we should only be charged 1 point instead of the full 10. Shouldn’t our data be counted based on actual bandwidth usage?

  10. What I find confusing is that some links generated in my cloud storage are charged the full amount regardless of how much I watch, and others seem to have 2 separate listings for the file: 1 that shows the total file size at a cost of 0 points, and then another listing that shows how much was actually downloaded/streamed and the points that were used (which is the way it should be, IMO). Why the inconsistency, and why can’t it be this way for everything? Does this have something to do with cached vs uncached sources? I don’t understand…

    • I guess you mean Secure Online Torrent and Cloud Storage Download? Secure Online Torrent is the download of a torrent in your cloud and Cloud Storage Download is the download of a file from your cloud.

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