This November only: Download popular content without a premium account

We haven’t done a promotion in a while. This time we try a promotion aimed at users that do not know yet the benefits of optimising Downloads and Streams with

Starting today you can download popular files without the need of an active membership. This means you can download and stream anything that has been requested by premium members before.

Which files are available?

All files that have been requested by another user before – be it filehost links, torrents, usenet or links from Openload and Streammango.


Literally all you need is to signup at and start using our Downloader. You can also use external tools if they already integrated our new API (eg Kodi, jDownloader)

  1. Register for an account (if you don’t have one)
  2. Open our WebDownloader and paste your link
  3. You will see if your file works or not

What are popular files?

Premiumize is in the middle between your content source (filehost, torrents, usenet) and you. A popular file (“cached”) is simply a file that once passed though one of our our multiple servers before – and if we detect an additional request we can deliver it directly to you.

How long will the promotion last?

The promotion will last until December 1st 2018.

Will it work in Kodi, Plugins and Download-Managers?

From our side, yes. Most Addons however might have to update their implementation. Free accounts can request any cached content (filehost, torrents and usenet) with the DirectDL Api call. Other, older API functions are not supported.

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  1. I wanted to test out but it does not work. After I pasted a magnet link and press Start, it came out “Your account has no premium membership. Premium features will not work. Click here to buy premium now”

    • Hello. You are using it at ; right?
      You must have pasted a link that is not popular enough; eg still unknown to our system. Adding new files will not work – only files that have previously been requested by other members will work with free accounts.
      Premium accounts can request everything at all times so those are not affected.

  2. Set up a free account. Attached it to Kodi. Tried “The Office”. Bunches of streams. None of them brought up the show. Tried several other shows and none of them work either, but I do get free streams that work fine.

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