Cross-Border usage of premium services in the EU

Update: There are no changes for Zattoo FREE-Users or Swiss PREMIUM-Users.
Beginning 2018 it will be possible to use paid premium services in all countries of the European Union.

For example you can use your French Netflix account in Spain with the regular French Netflix offer or your German Amazon Prime Video account in Italy. Sounds good? Yes, it does, but there are also a few negative points in relation with the services. First starting with Zattoo: we heard from a few users that they bought their Zattoo premium accounts in Spain and used Zattoo with our Swiss vpn and proxy servers. From the 5th of October 2017 it won’t be possible to watch the Swiss channels with a Zattoo account from Spain anymore, you will see the channels from Spain only, even you are using our Swiss vpn with an ip address from Switzerland. According to the regulation of the European parliament and of the council this affects paid services only, but of course Zattoo can adopt this for free accounts, too. So if you see the channels of your home country after the 5th of October only, you might have to create a new account while using our Switzerland ip.

This affects all paid services you might use with our vpn or proxy servers to circumvent geo-restrictions. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

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  1. anyone experience yet, if I can use the swiss channels with german IP using an zattoo account created while using swiss ip?

  2. question: Switzerland is a blank spot on the EU Map, will they adopt these rules? Currently I can only watch zattoo Switzerland using a vpn…

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