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Premiumize.me has been around since June 9 2011. Coincidentally that is also the birthdate of our head admin— but we do not want to get sidetracked right there in the very first post ever.

Let’s talk a little bit about history.

Many years ago Premiumize.me started out as a Downloader for Filehosts. It saved the hassle of getting individual premium memberships for filehosts — aggregating premium memberships into one single service. Hence our name: “to premiumize” — to make premium

Over the years we grew out of this and supersized ourselves. Now Premiumize.me is a combined cloud service. It is a Dropbox on Steroids, a Multihost Downloader, a VPN Provider and easy Usenet Binary Access all at the same time. We even have a VoIP feature enabling free worldwide calls for our members.

Clearly all those functions are a big pill to swallow. We will definitely post a lot of guides in the future.

Since the start we followed our five key principles.

  • Service: It sounds cheesy to make this the first one in the list, but we really want to be there for our users. We came a long way and will always listen to the simple end user. After all, we attribute a big part of our success to our user feedback.
  • Automatic: We appreciate our users time just as ours. We want to save our users as many captchas, wait times, clicks, popups, signups and other hassles as possible.
  • Secure: Premiumize.me serves as a platform for implementing modern security techniques and best practices. We are security and privacy enthusiasts on the side — which definitely spills over to our website.
  • Cost Transparent: We will never extend your membership without specific user input. If you don’t press “purchase” you will not get billed! All our Trials, Promotions are risk free and not a hidden cost trap.
  • Open: Our APIs will be an open standard and published right there on our website. We are writing the API documentation guide right now.

If you want to help us in making Premiumize.me better you should get in touch!

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