Latest Changes to Fair-Use System

Our fair-use system is important in order to be able to offer our service stable to all customers, so unfortunately we cannot completely remove it. With our last update we have made the system a bit simpler and more user-friendly.

When we implemented our fair-use system all that time ago we mainly wanted to manage one objective: A system that allows you freely combine our different offered services. Don’t forget that we offer everything from torrent and link downloads, to cloud storage to international VoIP calls and VPN connections.

As we grew, the system admittedly become more and more confusing than it should be. We reworked it the last few days. These are the most important changes:

No more individual daily limits

We removed the daily limits on supported links. This means you are no longer limited by a daily link-limits or traffic-limits.

Factor lowered

For some services we have been able to lower the factor due to lower operating costs, so you can download more. This mainly affects streaming sites and usenet access, which is now also only 1 point per Gigabyte.

Calculate points when you generate the link

From now on the points for the download will be fully charged to you when the download link is successfully (!) generated, regardless of whether the file is downloaded or not. Within 30 minutes you can regenerate the same link for free if you lose the download link while copying or your connection drops.

Cloud torrent is unlimited

Using the secure torrent feature is no longer limited. This means you can add torrents to your cloud without it using any points.

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  1. “Calculate points when you generate the link” For me this, is a real disadvantage of the “new” system. Sometimes I am streaming content and can’t finish the movie on the first try. Then on the next day, I continue viewing the same file. But because the points for the full file-size are used a second time, I pay double for viewing that file.
    Is there any chance, that this will be changed in the future?

    • Hello! In your example we would be requesting the same file twice from its source as well – and also incur costs for the file twice. Hence you will be billed twice. If you want to save files for later you can always add them to the cloud and collect them there.

  2. Hey, guys. First of all, great service, and I appreciate how you are constantly seeking to make it better.

    I don’t know about other users, but I would find it helpful to receive an email notification when one of these useful or informative post are made. I am subscribed for notifications, but it doesn’t seem to include these posts. The content of this particular post relates to issues I brought up in my recent help ticket with you. Had I read this blog post I could have reduced the size of my message at least a little bit ;). Perhaps I have missed it somewhere, but is there a way to be informed when you publish a blog or news post?

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