Get Usenet Downloads sent to your Cloud

Life just got a little bit better for everyone at – we just released a new, long awaited feature for our Cloud Downloader:

You can now transfer any Usenet Download directly into your Cloud – right there from your browser and without installing new software!

All you need to do is upload a *.nzb file to our Downloader. One of our servers will do all the magic and download the content for you.

Once the download is finished, you can access it at our Cloud.

Please note the following things:

  1. Our Server will do the work and your IP will not show up in Usenet
  2. Maximum retention is still the same at about 2700 days (over 7 years)
  3. A successful download will be moved to your files
  4. A failed download with just state error.
  5. We will improve the status messages as soon as possible!

Have any additional feedback for us? Make sure to drop us a line 🙂

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  1. You guys are my heroes! 😀
    Moving the Usenet stuff to the Cloud Downloader was the next logical step and makes the whole thing even more useful for me. Thanks a lot to all your team, I really appreciate this feature and will definitely use it in the future.

    Now we just need support for FTP Download so I do not need to download via the browser any more and I am the happiest customer alive 😉

    Cheers and keep up the good work

  2. Funktionirt nicht. Ständig “Error”. Mit 4 nzb getestet.
    Dosnt work. Testet whith 4 nzb files. Only “error”
    No funktiona. Checkear con 4 nzb`s. Solo “error”. No mas.

  3. I tried this and it worked for every single file. That is great!
    However, there is a little downer: when I download it from the cloud, it’s just at ~260kB/s.

    • Hi! We are always monitoring our servers and connections. 260kB is definitely not good enough and we will phase out the server and replace it with something better.

  4. very very very nice!
    Thanks for this greate work.
    I am from germany and love your service.
    You are the best.

  5. Sounds Nice.
    I havent a premium account yet.
    How fast is the download to the cloud (Plese no answere like “really fast”),
    and how does the cloud manage splittet / decrypted files?

    • Hi! It is really fast! Haha. Well, it should be between 100-450 Mbit depending on how many files / parallel connections we can open. Decryption (unpacking) happens automatically on a SSD Raid Server – however password protected NZB files are not yet supported. This will happen very soon.
      You can also sign up with your email and let me know. I will gift you a couple days.

  6. Hi,

    are there any news regarding password protected NZB files? Most of the forums use them. Is there any date when the option is going online? It would be really awesome if you guys are going to deploy this soon!

    Thank you and Regards

  7. If I get this right then everybody saves on this.
    From the Cloud it is factor 1x but from Usenet the factor would be 2x

    So if I upload NZB and then load from the cloud I could download double the amount than having the same files direct from usenet in one month?!

    • Hi! Hopefully I understood what you wanted to say, if not correct me where I’m wrong!

      – Downloading from the Usenet with your regular Usenet Client is factored with 2; so 1 GB = 2 points
      – Saving a nzb file through our web downloader to your cloud will be the same 2 points per GB as well
      – Downloading the finished file from the cloud is 1 point per GB
      – Storing a file is 1 point per Gigabyte, however you instantly get those points back if you delete it from your cloud

      • Thank you. So it is the same amount of points no matter if I download with my Client or using your web downloader. Thats what I wanted to know. Could have used a better question but english is not my native language.

        That totally answered my question for the points and web downloader.

  8. Have you or anyone in your team considered giving an API to hook into for sites like OzNzb or NZBGeek to be able to send NZB files directly to your file cloud without the need to download the files first?
    For instance, my SABNzb+ has an API SID that I give to NZBGeek along with my IP/port config, then when I am using it, it has an option to send to newsreader. Not sure what would be involved development wise to get this to work, but it’d be pretty cool. Not sure if you can use DNS instead of IPs either.

    • Hi! Yes, something like that is in the works! However, we still have one unanswered question: The content would then obviously be in your personal cloud. Is that enough? How would you access it – only by using our Kodi Addon? We are also thinking a bit further, maybe an automated upload to your NAS or an auto-downloader for your desktop. What are your thoughts?

      • Personally I have Kodi Addon all setup and it works flawlessly, I love it! Since it downloads a lot faster than my down link, it means I can get to streaming way faster than if I were to download it myself to my NAS. However I see where you are going with this, like say if you could hook into QNAPs download station, they don’t have an API, but they have some simple commands that are available, as well as being able to work with RSS feeds, mainly for torrents, but I don’t see why if couldn’t work with the cloud file list, I will do a bit more reading into it and see what I can dig up, just trawling through the community forums basically. As for auto-download to PC, JDownloader is the most likely candidate that I can think of, but I don’t think an Auto monitoring\download function is natively supported yet, so development I think would be needed, thankfully it’s open source, I might be able to find something else. Keep up the awesome work though, you guys are the best in the biz! =D

  9. Hi,

    I’m a bit confused regarding password protected nzb files. How exactly do you add the password?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi! When you choose the file in the Downloader on our website, there is a field to enter an optional password BEFORE submitting the download job.

  10. I have the Premiumize Chrome addon. Is there any way to set it up so that when my browser downloads a NZB file, it automatically goes into an upload to the cloud service? Thanks.

    • Hi! Renaming files is not supported, however you can create folders to organize your cloud. The foldernames of course be renamed.

  11. Hi all,

    i use to download .nzb files.
    Everything works fine !!!!
    But i still have to use the Page to upload the .nzb and after the download has finished to download it out of the cloud.

    Is there a better way implemented? My wish is to download all new Files with my NAS autatically, like a JOB.

    When i try to download bigger files 20GB and more i get an error, that my file is too large.
    What is the maximum of Gb´s for success?

    thx for answers

    • The easiest way would be to use a usenet client on your NAS which can automatically fetch the nzb files from a watchfolder, downloads it and save it on your NAS. You don’t have to use our cloud to download from usenet.

  12. Hi, is the maximum Downloadsize limited? In some cases, files which are bigger than 15 GB cannot be downloaded with the web downloader.

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